Are chefs being paid enough?

It is reasonably difficult to make sure that one is paid well as a chef. Within the industry, there are many odd situations wherein one is taken advantage of.

As far as chefs are concerned, being on a salary frequently stands to be more advantageous as compared to being paid on an hourly basis. There are some cases, however, wherein a chef shifts from being paid on an hourly basis to being on a salary, and is still not getting enough.

It is hard to comprehend why being a chef is a pathetically underpaid profile. In some rare cases, such as those of celebrity chefs, the salaries are exceedingly high. In others, they are not.

The odd part about being a chef is that the market is overloaded with competition. There is sure to be someone else who would be doing the job better than you. The resultant of the same is that people in the industry nowadays do not expect to be paid that much, the bar has been lowered.

Even low key jobs in the finance industry yield larger paychecks. For the chefs, this stands to be exactly the opposite.

It becomes a vicious cycle that is difficult to escape. Many resources are required to run a restaurant or a café. They eat up the returns and there is little left for the chefs to take home.

It is however still better if a chef is on a salary rather than being paid by the hour. This ensures that he wouldn’t be doing frequent overtimes, which take a toll over his physical and psychological health. Similarly, job security is not assured for chefs, which in turn leads to depression.

Another thing that concerns the chefs is that there is characteristically a top chef in each of the restaurants, who oversees all that happens. If the top chef is replaced, the erstwhile top chef loses control. His job is then no longer fun.

There are cases wherein chefs are made to come in early at work to do the preparation. After their shift is through, they are made to stay back to do the cleaning and further preparations. It is sad, as they are not paid enough as well.

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