What is the best way to cook a steak?

They are numerous ways of getting the steak to be just right and palatable. There is no one perfect way. Each of the ways can be done in a manner such that the overall presentation and effect is exquisite.

Getting it all right in the first go is similarly difficult. Preparing the perfect steak is an art to be mastered. You may choose to get started with the basic recipe. With time, you may come up with some variations.

There are however some time tested ways using which steak can be made to be just right in the first go. To get started with, choosing the right cut of meat is very important. When the cuts are right on the either side of the meat, you can cook it both ways. So, one gets started with buying the right piece of meat.

It is then that one considers the kind of meal that one is going to prepare. This is because steak served as a sandwich is going to be different from the one that is served for elegant dinners. 

Top methods for cooking steak

The two of the top and much preferred method for preparing steak are the dry heat method and the moist heat method. If you intend to prepare a tender steak, it is best prepared by the dry-heat method.

But in case you come to discover that the meat cuts are beginning to toughen up, then the moist heat method is the right way to go ahead with. 

Is grilling the best way to cook steak?

It may or may not be the best, but is the easiest way to prepare steak. A chef however must necessarily consider several factors. They include the marinade used and the tenderness of the meat.

Tenderness characteristically refers to how well the steak is done. The different degrees of wellness of steak are well done, medium well and medium rare. 

Ultimately, it is up to the preference of the chef and the diners. If you prefer the steak to be nice and juicy, the best way to cook it is medium rare. Cooking steak more makes it tougher. 

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